Get All the Power You Need

Get All the Power You Need

Don't wait to schedule your electrical service upgrade in Fords, Woodbridge Township, NJ

Is your electrical service insufficient? Just Electrical LLC completes electrical panel replacement and service upgrade projects in the Fords, Woodbridge Township, NJ area.

If your electrical service can’t handle the load you put on it, your home can’t function properly. You might need an electrical service upgrade if:

  • You just installed a central heating and air conditioning system
  • You added a new room to your home
  • You installed a hot tub or other power-hungry appliance
  • You’re noticing tripped circuit breakers on a routine basis

Hire us to install new circuit breakers, service ground wires, meters and electrical panels to complete your electrical service upgrade.

Our affordable service upgrade prices may shock you

Just Electrical provides electrical panel replacement and electrical service upgrade services to homeowners in the Fords, Woodbridge Township, NJ area. Upgrading your electrical service will give your home the power it needs, reduce the risk of electrical fires, prevent outlets from becoming shock hazards and increase the value of your home.

Most older homes feature electrical service capacities of just 60 amps. Today’s electrical codes require a minimum of 100 amps. Our electrical service upgrade packages include:

  • 100-amp service—starting at $2,000
  • 150-amp service—starting at $2,200
  • 200-amp service—starting at $2,500

Contact us today to discuss the electrical service upgrade package that’s right for your home.